Saints are in the Air

As I walked in the CBD with my boyfriend and his visiting family, we all felt some vibrancy in the streets. “It’s Friday,” one of us realized. Between me and my unemployed boyfriend, his retired father and mother on summer break from teaching, it took us a moment to realize it was Friday. Ah, yes,I thought.”The joy that comes with the end of a long work week.”

But that wasn’t all there was. There’s was a little something extra in that joy. A little lagniappe, if you will. The Saints. In a just a few minutes, the Saints take the field at the Superdome for the first game of the preseason.

It’s not unusual to see Saints gear around here, but this was the most excitement I’ve ever seen for a preseason game. Up and down the streets of the Warehouse District and inside the exhibitions at the World War II Museum, we all spotted black and gold. I’m a dyed-in-the-wool college football fan, so I can definitely appreciate the electricity that comes with the first week of football season… but I’ve never felt such enthusiasm for a preseason game. Maybe there were so many people out because the  Superdome is located in the middle of the city and I was downtown. Or maybe because people are relieved the NFL lock out didn’t hold. But it’s probably just because New Orleanians want a glimpse of their beloved team.

In Miami or DC, I would’ve given this game a miss. But right now I’m going to change into my “Who Dat” shirt and follow the devotees to the bar. Just for a glimpse, anyway.


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