Saints Cupcakes: Maple St Patisserie


Another entry in my surprising series, Saints Cupcakes. (I say surprising because I am surprised how many posts I’ve done on this topic.) Today’s entry is from the Maple St Patissserie, on Adams and Maple. I’d have to say that Sucre still wins, based on looks alone. I have not tried any of these cupcakes I’ve written about, actually!

The Patisserie is a year and a half old– I’m glad it wasn’t here when I lived a block away on Hampson and Adams. It’s hard enough to say no to food in this city. I’m here today picking up two challahs for Rosh Hashanah, which are wrapped up tight for consumption later. However, I’m enjoying a tiramusu right now. Yummy stuff folks!

Houses with Personality: Po Boys in the Backyard

My friend rents the bottom half of a beautiful house in the Lower Garden District. This past week I cat sat for her and found myself drawn to this sign in her backyard.The overgrown plant surrounding the sign made it seem like the sign had been there forever. I went on and took more pictures with the Retro Camera App on my Android–now I’m just like those people who love Instagram! The one below was my favorite.One of the many things I love about New Orleans is how all the houses are different. They vary architecturally and many have various forms of self expression, including flags, art and tree people. Tree people, you say? Yes. I’ve got loads of pictures on my phone of notable things I’ve seen– I’ll upload them in the next few weeks in a new series I’ve dubbed “Houses with Personality.”