I’m Calling Out Rouses for Using Too Many Plastic Bags

Rouses is a statewide supermarket chain that has three locations in New Orleans. Although Rouses is a vast improvement over the awful Sav-A-Center grocery stores that they bought out, my major quip with the Rouses is that the cashiers and bag boys/girls use an outrageous amount of plastic bags when they bag groceries. A common practice is to place one or two items per bag, so that if you buy six items you have nearly as many bags. Additionally, cashiers don’t seem to notice when I bring a canvas bag. It always feels obnoxious to repeat, “Excuse me, I’m sorry… I brought a bag.” This happens at every single location I’ve been to, even outside of Orleans Parish.  It’s upsetting.

In January 2010 Washington D.C. implemented a 5 cent tax on all plastic bags. Although it’s only 5 cents, I shook my fist in anger when I got caught with the fee. I never wanted to pay it! The tax has also made DC merchants a lot more sensitive to how they bag your groceries. It’d be a long time before Louisiana passed a progressive environmental law, but this blog post is my 5 cents of advocacy and publicity.

A Pictorial Investigation of Rouses Bagging Practices
Last week I made a trip to the Rouses and purposefully didn’t bring any bags. Once at home, I took photos of my all the bags used.

I purchased 27 items and was given 10 bags.

This bag has room for more items.

There is clearly more room in this bag. Perhaps it could’ve been combined with the bags of vegetables.

Four bags with one item each. However, given that I purchased beer, wine, chicken and cupcakes, which are all in delicate cases, I think it’s okay each item has its own bag. (I realize you, dear reader, are going to make fun of my purchases.)

There are only two items here! Unacceptable!

This bag has two items. As you can see, there is room for more.

I believe these groceries are the only ones properly bagged from the shopping trip.

Again, two items with room for more.

If I acquiesce the four items given individual bags, than Rouses used six bags for 23 items. I believe the cashiers could’ve consolidated, what do you think? And have you had this same experience at Rouses?

I’m going to send this post to someone at Rouses, in hopes this will draw attention to their irresponsible bagging practices.


10 thoughts on “I’m Calling Out Rouses for Using Too Many Plastic Bags

  1. I could not agree more!!! I hate how many bags are wasted. In san fran plastic bags are entirely outlawed for stores that size. Also even when I ask for paper (I’m not perfect! Always forget my own!), I have to ask them to fill the bags up. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve basically packed the bags myself. And what is nuts is the employees often have no idea what I am even attempting to accomplish. Can’t the managers at least educate the staff on this simple environmental concept – even if they can’t ban the bags entirely?! I’m confident that anyone able to remember all those fruit and veggie codes can learn to package bags better – or at least not look at me with a blank stare when I ask them to a)not use plastic and b) load em up heavy!!

  2. The new blossoming trend is charging a dime ($0.10) per grocery bag. If they use less bags makes you feel environmentally conscience, then good. I don’t have a problem with the extra bags; I can always use them as a garbage bag in my car and other places.

  3. While I normally bring reusable bags, sometimes I need plastic bags. I use them for trash can liners, old kitty litter, and for picking up dog poop. And while I always feel guilty having to take them, I’d rather get some for free than have to pay any day.

  4. Take your own recyclable bags. I do. To rouses, to Breaux Mart, to Walmart, to CVS, and anywhere else I’m going.
    Instead of complaining,, fix the problem. If you don’t give a retailer a reason to use the plastic, they won’t.

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