The Politics of Parking: Saving Your Spot During Jazzfest

Photo Apr 27, 3 53 18 PM

Photo Apr 30, 10 41 55 PMParking is a hot commodity in Bayou St. John during Jazzfest. Most people in the area have off-street parking, and I’m struck by all the different ways people try to hold a spot for their cars.

Some residents have fairly conventional methods, like orange cones or your trash bins. Then there are those that rig more elaborate constructions, like a piece of wood balanced on two trash cans, weighted by a concrete block. Signs are common as well. Last year, I saw a sign that begged people not to park in front a house because this person needed quick access inside to help their elderly family member. The note was pretty detailed for something you would squint to see at 5 mph. Yet, I wondered if this person concocted an elaborate story just so they could park in front of their house.

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Is it Fair to Save a Spot on a Public Street?
Spot-saving isn’t limited to festival time. My neighbors regularly have cones out in front of their house, and it really annoys me. Although they are older, as far as I can tell neither person has difficulty walking. I always tempted to move their cones, but I worry they’d recognize my car and I’d some neighborhood drama on my hands. I just grumble and park around the corner.

I can understand why someone would want to block a spot on the street during Jazzfest. All these people descend on your neighborhood and you just want to go on with your life. I’ve considered it, but I just remind myself that  Jazzfest is only 7 days a year.


Parking Anxiety
Why is it that my pulse speeds up when looking for parking during Jazzfest, when at the most I’ve park 3 blocks away? I don’t have a family, I’m physically able to walk and I’ve never not found a spot. Certainly, there’s a safety concern if I’m alone and trying to park at night, but I can’t explain the fear that I’ll just drive around for hours and find nothing.

photo 1photo 2I can understand if you’re driving to Bayou St. John for Jazzfest and feeling parking anxiety. Looking for a spot Uptown during Mardi Gras is not for the faint of heart. Parking is competitive and hostile and you have to dodge drunk people and oblivious kids in the dark. Finding a decent place to park feels almost as good as catching a Muses shoe.

photoGetting Boxed In
Jazzfest-related parking panic is nothing compared to those who worry about getting “boxed in” during Mardi Gras. A few hours before parades, the NOPD shuts down the streets surrounding the route. People who live within the boundaries of these routes are not able to drive beyond the closures until the parade has passed. You are literally boxed into your neighborhood. Some of my co workers leave the office early during Mardi Gras to ensure they can get to their houses. Talk about anxiety provoking!

Where do you stand on the politics of parking? Have you ever moved cones (or another setup) to park on a public street? Do you thnk it’s fair to save a spot for yourself if you’re not elderly or dealing with tons of kids?







One thought on “The Politics of Parking: Saving Your Spot During Jazzfest

  1. I’ve never moved a setup to save a parking spot. If I lived with on street parking,I’d probably save one for myself.

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